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Dryer FT AIR. R

FT Air R is an electric dryier
The insulated tunnel is heated
FT Air R is an electric dryier
The insulated tunnel is heated

FT Air R is an electric dryier with conveyor belt made of medium - heavy carpentry and mounted on wheels for easy movement suitable for polymerization of screen printing inks and water based digital prints.
The insulated tunnel is heated by means of electric resistances and spans of hot air with ducted fan ventilation on calibrated micro-holes for rapid drying and air recirculation in the tunnel to reduce consumption.
The dryer is provided with a user friendly control panel for setting the working parameters including dryer temperature and belt speed.
The adjustable opening on both sides allows to reduce heat loss, helping to reduce the consumption of the oven.

Tunnel width: 700 - 1000 - 1200 - 1600mm
Tunnel lenght: 3000 - 4000 - 5000 - 6000mm
Usable tunnel height: 80mm
Max. temperature: 180°C
Power supply: 400-230V 25 Kw
Belt speed and temperature adjustable from panel

Brochure Download

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