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Oven Mod. F / 2 UV SYSTEM

Oven Mod. F / 2 UV SYSTEM
Oven Mod. F / 2 UV SYSTEM

This line of ovens is born after a careful market research on the latest technologies in terms of UV inks and drying systems.
In fact, we built this new series of quartz lamp with a unique blend of protection and a directional lamp cooling air duct, also the expulsion of exhaust fumes is a recirculation system by ventilatore.Il lamp assembly has a mirror diopter of disclosure on the support beam UV drying. We installed a vacuum under the lamp to normalize and flexible support for drying.
The structure was designed in a modular way, with the area of inspection lamp to allow quick access to the same for manutenzione.Inoltre there is the possibility to adjust the lamp assembly height.
Quadrocomandi percentualizzatore integrated with power from 50 watts to 120 cm ², with stand-by option, ventilation, adjustable belt speed, start-stop.
OVEN LAMP WITH DOUBLE AND SINGLE CONTROL DUAL POWER with viewers, so doubling of productivity per hour.

- Lamp Power: variable in Step 5 of 50 Watt to 120 Watt / cm ²
- lamp cooling air duct
- Light useful work: 500 / 700 / 1000 mm
- Control by PLC
- quartz lamp
- Recovery of exhaust fumes lamp
- Alarms and boost high-temperature lamp
- belt speed: 0 to 20 m / min
- Rug: Glass Teflon
- Exaust: 1200 Mc / H
- Power Supply: 380 / 220 V. 50 Hz
- Produzione oraria : c.a. 6000 pz

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