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S1 Series

S1 500
screen printing machine
vacuum screen printing
cheap screen printing machine
S1 500
screen printing machine
vacuum screen printing
cheap screen printing machine

S1 are the most versatile screen printer in the market, the result of years of experience on the field.
They are available in a lot of forms for cover all the needs of productions and it allows the print on every object, flat or round.

Is present the version for the round print, one with the vacuum table and an other with an outgoing table.
Furthemore, on request, it could be developed personalized solutions to adapt the screen printer to particular production needs.

They are equipped with innovative systems as:
expansive PLC, print group with free or inclinable squeegee, adjustable squeegee incidence, directional control panel, proximity magnetic sensors, adjustable contact over 4 points, X, Y, Z micrometric recordings on floor and frame, print thickness adjustment from 0 to 150 mm, double pedal with start and stop cycles, self pressure and speed adjusting squeegee / scraper, adjustable print speed, press plan with grooves for silhouette fixing, setting up / downhole speed of the plane rear opening for large frame insertion, adjustable anti-vibration pins.

  • Flat print area: 600x350 / 700x500mm
  • Power: electropneumatic
  • Exercise pressure: 6Bar
  • Absorption: 1 / 1,5 Kw
  • Max screen width: 780 / 1050mm
  • Cycle: manual / semiautomatic / automatic

Brochure Download


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